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Over 10 years of successful operation

Founded by a team of professionals from varying fields of the armored vehicles industry, the company possesses a unique combination of knowledge, experience and passion that drives the company’s vision.


  • Timelines – We understand your time constraints and we will jump through hoops to meet them.
  • Budget – We work under fixed pricing per packages of work so our customers can plan their budget properly.
  • Engineering – Mobius professional engineering will provide support to every emerging need – from brackets to a complete seat design.

Our core values


We see fairness, transparency and integrity as the corner stones of partnership with our customers, suppliers and employees. We believe in constantly finding common interests with our partners as the key to mutual success.


We believe that as a company and individuals, we hold total responsibility for all aspects of the interactions with the partners in our business environment. From engineering through manufacturing and to servicing, we will always seek to provide a complete and professional solutions.


We strive to excellence through constant improvement in all aspects of our operation. We seek innovation in all of our activities and we constantly learn from our customers, suppliers and colleagues.

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Meet the Management Team

Oren Gur Mobius

Oren Goor


Founded by a team of professionals from varying fields of the armored vehicles industry, the company possesses a unique combination of knowledge, experience and passion that drives the company’s vision.

shy-mindel Mobius

Shy Mindel


Shy is a technology expert with 14 years of experience in engineering, marketing and sales. Shy is responsible for leading the company’s worldwide marketing efforts and overseeing alliances and strategic partnerships. Shy holds a BS in Aeronautical engineering and an ME in System engineering, both from the Technion in Israel. Shy has vast experience in leading multidisciplinary development projects supported by his technical background.

Anan Hasan


Anan has 16 years of experience in managing technology innovation and mechanical engineering projects with extensive hands-on experience. Anan is leading Mobius’ R&D and is in charge for the development of technology and out-of-the-box solutions. Anan holds a BS in Mechanical engineering from the Technion in Israel

Yehuda Krudo

Yehuda Krudo

VP QA Manger

Yehuda has 25 years of establishing auditing and managing quality assurance systems. Yehuda is a quality multidisciplinary expert in process analysis and development of production plants as well as QA leading of R&D. Yehuda has 20 years experience as lead auditor in considerable number and kinds of industries as auditor of the Israeli Standard Institution (SII) and NSF. Yehuda holds a BC degree in Life Science from the Hebrew University and CQE (Certify Quality Engineer) from ALD college. Yehuda is multi technologist expert with 15 years of experience as a former CEO of QA consulting company.

Aran Semel​

Aran Semel


Aran has over 8 years of experience in mechanical products & project management. He has lead multidisciplinary teams as engineering, procurement & logistics. Aran is leading Mobius operation and project teams and is in charge of the execution of Mobius various projects. Aran holds a BS degree in Mechanical engineering and a MBA from Tel Aviv University in Israel.

Meir Zucker

VP Sales & Marketing

Meir held senior sales, marketing and management positions in leading, technology-based companies. During his career, he also establishes several technology-based start-ups. Prior to joining Mobius, he worked for several years as a sales executive in the Defense Market. He holds a B.Sc. degree in Electrical Engineering, and a M.Sc. in Management from M.I.T, Boston, Massachusetts, USA.

"The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak"

Hans Hoffman