Energy Absorbing Technology

Blast Protection Technology


The proliferation of land mines and Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) as part of modern asymmetric warfare created new challenges for military vehicle designers. Even if the ballistic armor is not compromised, it is not sufficient to protect the crews of combat vehicles from the devastating shockwave generated by the blast effect from mines or roadside bombs. Although these shockwaves are a secondary effect of the primary threat to the vehicle’s occupants, the human body has little durability to such shockwaves, when the blast energy is transferred through the rigid vehicle body, directly into the human body.


As part of the vehicle's blast protection design, energy absorption systems are employed to isolate the crew members from the vehicle's body. Designers are evaluating the effectiveness of such systems through durability and survivability tests, where hybrid crash-test dummies are exposed to high energy impact in drop-tower tests and live blast tests. One of the main evaluation parameter is called DRI (Dynamic Response Index) and it indicates the probability for injury.


Mobius Protection Systems innovative technology broke the charts with outstanding results and very low DRI measures. Our versatile technology can be implemented in various platforms meeting a wide range of impact input patterns and conforming to available rigorous space restrictions. Our proven patent-pending technology has been specially developed to face the most severe scenarios experienced in the battlefield. The unique system is capable of drastic structural deformations and multi-hit assaults without compromising performance.


The innovative solutions offer advanced Fixed Profile Energy Absorption with continuous self-adjusting dynamic attenuation, providing maximum protection to full range of occupants' weights, from light 5th percentile female up to heavy 95th percentile male.