Energy Absorbing Solution from Mobius PS

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Mobius PS offers a wide range of blast protecting seats for application in various armored vehicles, including main battle tanks and infantry combat vehicles (ICV), armored personnel carriers (APC), mine protected armored vehicles (MPV, MRAP), and light armored vehicles.


Utilizing proprietary, patented energy absorption technologies Mobius PS products are



Our blast-protecting solutions provide solutions for the entire vehicle positions including the commander, gunner, driver and troops. These solutions are based on floor, wall or ceiling mounted versions - according to specific vehicle design requirements. The seats can be designed in various configurations including folding seats and back, integral footrest, quick release mechanism, fore-aft and height adjustment and more.


Mobius PS blast protected seats offer advanced Fixed Profile Energy Absorption with continuous self-adjusting dynamic attenuation, providing maximum protection to full range of occupant's weights, from light 5th percentile female up to heavy 95th percentile male and beyond.


Seat frames are formed with light and strong structures, validated to face multi-directional impacts and all kinds of accident and crash scenarios. The seats are provided in floor mounted or wall mounted configurations, designed to deliver best in class ergonomics. Seats are assembled with 4-5 points safety belts, all-belts-to-seat, adjustable headrest (available with side supports) and durable materials.


Mobius understands that each vehicle is unique and sometimes requires a specific solution to best meet the requirements and restraints of each vehicle design.


The systems are designed using unique tools designed by Mobius, combined with FEA analysis in order to provide light weight yet rigid solutions which comply with the most severe blast requirements.


Seat upgrading kits for integration with existing seats in legacy vehicles are also available.


Our team posseses great experience in both vehicle design and system integration and we will be pleased to design a custom system that will best meet your needs.