Floor Mounted, Blast Protecting Seats

Seat Description: Floor Mounted Commander / Driver Seats

Floor mounting seats are the most efficient and simplest method of vehicle seat attachment, avoiding special brackets and attachments required by other applications.

The systems come in various heights according to the allowed space claim and the vehicle geometry and it uses the occupant natural human engineering factors.

The Specially designed energy absorption system provide vehicle designers with the opportunity to attach blast protecting passenger and crew seats to the floor without compromising on performance, comfort or safety. This compact and simple application handles extreme accelerations effectively and predicatively during a blast event, providing maximum safety to the occupants, while maintaining high safety standards necessary for road travel. Such systems are provided as an integral part of new blast protecting seats, providing additional protection from extremely high accelerations, or as an upgrade to legacy vehicles.

Different adjustment options such as vertical elevation, fore-aft adjustment and more are also available according to the customer request.


Seats are also provided in wall mounted configurations.