About Mobius PS

About Mobius Protection Technologies (Mobius PS)

Mobius Protection Systems Ltd specializes in energy absorption (EA) technologies and systems, as a developer, manufacturer of EA systems for crash and blast protection, for military vehicles and aviation applications. Our unique technology is offered as off-the-shelf, custom designed or add-on to existing seats.


Our blast-protecting solutions provide solutions for the entire vehicle positions including the commander, gunner, driver and troops. Mobius PS offers a wide range of blast protecting seats for application in various armored vehicles, including main battle tanks and infantry combat vehicles (ICV), armored personnel carriers (APC), mine protected armored vehicles (MPV, MRAP), and light armored vehicles. Our products are designed to meet the special requirement of a floor or wall mounted applications and are proven in extremely high blast scenarios.


Mobius understands that each vehicle is unique and sometimes require a specific soltion to best meet the requirements and restraints of each vehicle design. Our team posses great experience in both vehicle design and system integration and we will be pleased to design a custom system that will best meet your needs.